“Duemila21 Pronti al futuro”. Cattolica’s management holds web meetings with the agency network

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  • “Duemila21 Pronti al futuro”. Cattolica’s management holds web meetings with the agency network
“Duemila21 Pronti al futuro”. Cattolica’s management holds web meetings with the agency network
01 April 2021
“Duemila21 Pronti al futuro”. Cattolica’s management holds web meetings with the agency network

“Duemila21 Pronti al futuro”. This is the slogan chosen by the Sales & Marketing Department of Cattolica Assicurazioni to take stock of the situation with the agency network. Even in the difficult environment caused by the pandemic and the lockdown, the Company has stood by its agents, sub-agents and staff due to its belief in of the fundamental importance of the human relationship with the customer. The high attendance of the webinars, with more than a thousand agents connecting, demonstrates the value of that relationship.

“This was a series of effective and well-prepared meetings designed to provide agents and staff with all the tools they need to address the challenging scenario in 2021 and to guide them towards the opportunities that - in spite of everything - still exist in the insurance landscape,” commented CEO Carlo Ferraresi. “We are entering a new phase, a different phase, where the pandemic, although hopefully partially eradicated, will continue to have an effect. In this scenario, we have to be prepared and ready for the future, as the claim for these meetings indicates, and focused on satisfying our customers’ needs”.

“The role of the agent,” explained Deputy General Manager Marco Lamola, “is becoming more and more advisory in nature. The drive for digitalisation in our sector is another tool that the network can use to respond in an increasingly efficient and personalised way to the needs of families and businesses”.

In March, management therefore decided to hold a series of web meetings dedicated to four thematic areas:

  • THE MOTOR BUSINESS Wednesday 17 March
  • THE NON-MOTOR BUSINESS Friday 19 March
  • THE LIFE BUSINESS Wednesday 24 March
  • THE CLAIMS DEPARTMENT Thursday 25 March

There was also a final meeting on Tuesday 30 March, dedicated to targets and incentive systems, when Piero Fusco, Head of the Religious Organisations and Non-Profit Sector Business Unit, explained the recent reorganisation of the BU.

“This past year was very challenging, but once again showed us the value of being able to rely on a motivated team that is willing to make sacrifices,” concluded Marco Lamola. This team goes out every day in every agency with a commitment that allows us to look forward to the challenges of 2021 with optimism.” They can rely on an innovative tool in the form of the ARENA commercial platform, which has been provided to the agencies to simplify the management of the customer portfolio and their activities, as Sales Manager Roberto Dinoi pointed out.

On the first day, Luigi Barcarolo, Director of Non-Life Motor, Insurance Analytics and Business Architecture, together with Non-Life Motor Manager Lorena Fattorelli, outlined the state of the industry, highlighting future objectives including the defence of the portfolio, new products and a focus on ancillary cover. Director of Business Development & Marketing Carlalberto Crippa and Multichannel Marketing Manager Andrea Radini went over the developments achieved in the multichannel field.

On Friday, 19 March, Deputy General Manager Nazareno Cerni described the Non-Life Non-Motor Business and introduced the new team resulting from the recent internal reorganisation. Retail and Agriculture Manager Nino D’Onghia and Businesses and Public Entities Manager Donato Boggia then provided an update on Cattolica’s offer, in particular pointing out the potential of the Active Business product for SMEs as “a driver for the recovery of Italy after the crisis caused by the pandemic”. The Director of Business Development & Marketing, Carlalberto Crippa, and Client Strategy Manager Laura Rigamonti presented Cattolica's new offer, focusing on Health, which will certainly be at the heart of customer concerns in the coming months.

The next meeting was dedicated to the Life Business, with a detailed examination by Davide Berveglieri, Director of the Technical and Pensions Area, who described the new organisation adopted by the Company with the creation of a Technical Area and an Operations Area, including in Life, to ensure maximum support for the agency network from the point of view of both profitability and the after-sales and claims management service. Colleagues Massimo Franchetti, Olvers Di Prata and Paolo Toncelli spoke about the opportunities for growth in the sector, with impressive amounts of “dormant” savings in the current accounts of Italians that could be directed at solutions able to meet the additional needs of population security. This trend was also highlighted by the Director of Business Development & Marketing, Carlalberto Crippa, and Multichannel Marketing Manager Andrea Radini, who described the new products arriving in the next few months. Sales Development Manager Vita Biagio Palumbo concluded by highlighting the importance of KYC in offering personalised and effective solutions.

The closing webinar on Thursday, 25 March was dedicated to the Claims Department, with a presentation by Director Alberto Guidi, accompanied by colleagues Davide Gotti and Massimo Fratton, Managers of the Motor and Non-Motor Claims Units. Alberto Guidi wanted to emphasise the efforts made by the management during the past year, characterized by an extraordinary and unprecedented emergency. While the decline in frequency has mainly affected the Motor Business (although the success of new mobility has influenced the growth of injuries to "weak road users", with relevance for Non-Life), in Non-Motor the focus is on the three main factors of climate, fraud and health. The Director of Business Development & Marketing, Carlalberto Crippa, and Client Strategy Manager Laura Rigamonti then stressed the importance of the certainty of compensation when customers take out and renew policies. The Support Planning and Agent Relations Manager, Antonella Casella, then announced a series of over 300 one-to-one meetings with agents in the coming weeks to update them on management developments.

Marco Lamola, Deputy General Manager, then concluded by launching the exclusive “Arena D’Oro Club” reserved for agents who have won both of Cattolica’s competitions (productivity and profitability), those who have won the “Agent of the Year” title and those who have distinguished themselves for three consecutive years in the productivity or profitability competitions.

The event closed with an afternoon for staff and front office employees. This entailed a summary of the contents of the five previous meetings attended by almost 3,000 people from every corner of Italy.

The network is now ready for the future!