Active Benessere: the new Cattolica heathcare product

Active Benessere: the new Cattolica heathcare product
16 June 2021 - Time: 11:21

Developed in partnership with Generali Welion. Access to an extensive healthcare network throughout Italy with dedicated rates, video consultations with doctors, a wellness coach and personalised prevention programmes

Crippa: “A complete solution that makes the customer a key player in their own wellness”

Verona, 16 June 2021. Prevention, diagnosis, treatment and convalescence. Cattolica supports its customers in every area of healthcare. These are the four areas comprising Active Benessere, the new Healthcare product recently launched by Cattolica and developed using Generali Welion services. A broad-based, modular solution with various formulas for individuals, families and employees of companies, available from all Cattolica agencies.

Health is increasingly a primary concern for Italians. With Active Benessere, we are launching a complete insurance solution that makes our clients key players when it comes to their health, starting with properly managed prevention, and offering them the benefits of services, experience, technology and wellness professionals”, said Carlalberto Crippa, Director of Business Development & Marketing, Cattolica Assicurazioni.The service platform accessible through Generali Welion plays a crucial role in this process, thanks to which we have developed a 360-degree, highly customisable product to accompany all stages of a person’s wellness”.

Like all the solutions in Cattolica’s ‘Active’ line, Active Benessere has been designed to offer prevention and protection at all times, going beyond the damage-compensation concept of insurance. In addition to traditional insurance coverage, Active Benessere enables customers to actively contribute to safeguarding their health, with innovative services dedicated to improving lifestyle and physical well-being, as well as solutions and tools for the diagnosis, treatment and convalescence phases.

  • Prevention: by accessing the dedicated website, you can build your own prevention programme and interact with the Wellness Coach, a qualified figure who supports customers by explaining and further customising the programme. The prevention programmes have been put together with cultural and scientific input from the Confederation of Healthcare Districts in the Veneto Region. They aim to implement a practical example of virtuous collaboration between the public and private spheres, actively involving also family doctors and local health authorities in Italy. The website can be used to initiate a claim, consult your medical records and medical appointment calendar, and set up a medication home delivery service. The product also offers a 24-hour remote consultations or video consultations without the need for booking, via the Welion App, provided by a Generali Welion partner. It also offers access to affiliated facilities, specialist appointments and diagnostic tests at subsidised rates using the Welion Card.
  • Diagnosis: Active Benessere includes payment or reimbursement for specialist visits, diagnostic tests and check-ups in professional clinics or affiliated test laboratories. The customer may also obtain a second medical opinion to investigate or reassess their health following an existing diagnosis. In addition, services such as finding and booking specialist visits or psychological advice by telephone following an unfavourable diagnosis are provided.
  • Treatment: the product includes a daily allowance in the event of hospitalisation, and direct payment of healthcare expenses at affiliated facilities or reimbursement after hospitalisation with or without surgery, or after surgery, including outpatient surgery. It includes expenses such as organ transplantation, alternative medicine, equipment and aids, psychological support, and dental services at affiliated facilities. In addition, in the event of a serious illness the insured person can be paid a capital sum to cope with all the consequences, such as adapting their home to their new requirements, or continuous and long-term care by a carer.
  • Convalescence: thanks to the specific per diem payment and reimbursement of the costs of treatment and rehabilitation, the convalescence period becomes an opportunity to regain one’s health and well-being. The package includes services such as continuing hospitalisation at home, and completes the service by providing nurses and physiotherapists in the home, medical equipment, arranging transport from home and the return home from hospital using the most appropriate means of transport, a personal trainer, and telephone consultation with a nutritionist.

Cattolica Assicurazioni's new product, which is valid also in the event of epidemics or pandemics (including Covid 19), also includes a series of specially designed solutions and guarantees. For example, it offers services for future parents and their children including psychological support for new mothers, telephone information about motherhood, creches and bureaucracy, the organisation of paediatrician home visits, and surgery including for the unborn baby.
The guarantees also include protection against cases of poor healthcare with cover to help the insured party defend their rights, covering any legal costs.