Cattolica: risk analysis with virtual reality

Cattolica: risk analysis with virtual reality
20 April 2021 - Time: 11:21

360° live-streamed remote inspections and a new platform for analysing the risk profile of SMEs

Verona, 20 April 2021. Cattolica is changing the way it analyses the risk of SMEs: a 360° video camera and a VR (virtual reality) headset are now all that is required to carry out live-streamed inspections. Using virtual reality, underwriters will be able to support Agents on the ground during inspections, assessing risk remotely.

The project, designed to innovate the Company's underwriting phase, is currently being tested and is scheduled for release in the next few weeks. Even without a 360° camera, Agents can nevertheless be supported during the underwriting phase via smartphone or tablet video camera.

Also in the context of business services, Cattolica has implemented a new “Advanced Quote Maker”. The platform facilitates the definition of the customer profile by cross-referencing information already available from other databases, with the aim of improving the assessment of the risk profile and the calculation of the final premium. In addition to the traditional parameters, the “Advanced Quote Maker” presents information from third-party sources, such as the company’s economic and financial situation and the existence of any adverse events or press reports, thus strengthening the Agent’s advisory capacity.

Nazareno Cerni, Deputy General Manager and Head of Non-Motor Business at the Cattolica Assicurazioni Group, commented: “Once again, Cattolica has shown that it aims to get closer to SMEs by introducing a digital approach that looks towards the future of underwriting. These new features enhance our network of Agents and brokers and allow us to offer an even more professional and technological service, improving our level of service.”