Cattolica Assicurazioni and Roche Italia for precision medicine

Cattolica Assicurazioni and Roche Italia for precision medicine
29 June 2021 - Time: 11:02

The agreement ensures access to the latest genomic profiling solutions using the services of FOUNDATION MEDICINE (part of the Roche Group) for in-depth diagnosis that allows for a personalised approach to cancer

Verona, 29 June 2021. Cattolica Assicurazioni and Roche Italia have signed a collaboration agreement that enables rapid access to the precision diagnostic services of Foundation Medicine (part of the Roche Group) in the area of oncology for Active Benessere policyholders.

Cattolica policyholders with advanced or metastatic cancer will be able to access Foundation Medicine’s innovative diagnostic services and take a specific genomic profiling test that, by applying innovative NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) technologies, can identify any DNA mutations responsible for tumour development. On the basis of the genomic profile identified, clinically relevant information can be obtained that will allow for the treatment pathway to be individualised, supporting clinicians in their choice of therapeutic treatment.

“The agreement with Roche Italia is an opportunity to provide Cattolica customers with access to state-of-the-art diagnostic services, identifying new parameters to gain a broad overview of the therapeutic opportunities available,” explains Carlalberto Crippa, Business Development & Marketing Director of the Cattolica Group. - In constructing our Health offer we decided to support prevention and protection by leveraging a partnership ecosystem that focuses on the health of the individual and that, on a large scale, helps to generate well-being for the community. Roche and Foundation Medicine are major players in this ecosystem, because they allow us to enrich our offering with concrete solutions in oncology, a priority medical field.”

“The agreement with Cattolica Assicurazioni, one of the first of its kind in Italy and Europe, is an excellent example of how the insurance and pharmaceutical industry can collaborate effectively,” says Marco Zanotti, New Business and Partnership Lead at Roche Italia. “We are opening new avenues in order to contribute to a more sustainable health system which will benefit patients as well as the scientific community and institutions. This combination of forces and mutual expertise is designed to achieve the ambitious goal of jointly creating new ways to give access to diagnostic and therapeutic innovation to as many patients as possible, reducing time and costs for the community.”