Cattolica and The Jackal present family-friendly technology

Cattolica and The Jackal present family-friendly technology
15 July 2021 - Time: 13:33

Verona, 15 July 2021. Technology brings families together. This is the creative idea behind ‘Boomer Protocol’, the latest video from The Jackal, released today on their social media channels. Created and produced by The Jackal in collaboration with Cattolica Assicurazioni, the video focuses on the generation gap, which is apparently unbridgeable when it comes to the internet, smartphones and apps. Challenges that may seem insurmountable to those with little knowledge of technology can turn out to be a powerful means of connecting parents and children.

Behind the comedic intuition of ‘Boomer Protocol’ is the desire to tell the story of Cattolica Assicurazioni’s strategy. This is a company that combines the solidity and values of 125 years of history with the ability to leverage innovation and technology in order to be ever closer to its customers,” explains Carlalberto Crippa, Business Development & Marketing Director of the Cattolica Assicurazioni Group. “Active Auto and the other products in the Active line for the Home, Health and Business translate this philosophy into concrete services. We wanted to provide our agents with a catalogue of innovative products that, in a simple way, make technology and digital solutions work for policyholders to promote a new paradigm of prevention and protection.

Vincenzo Piscopo, Studios Director of Ciaopeople, says: “The collaboration with Cattolica has given us the opportunity to convey the brand message through a message of highly shareable value, i.e. a technology that unites the generations. In a world full of services that make everyday life easier and more accessible, we wanted to present a technology that allows us to be connected to our loved ones.

Boomer Protocol’ is part of the “ACTIVATI” communication campaign launched this spring on the main social media channels. The campaign is the work of Progettoimmagine and Take, a communications agency of the Next Group, which found in The Jackal and their artistic approach the perfect partners to present a different way of understanding technology.

Watch the video:

Content and production: The Jackal

Directr: Francesco Ebbasta
Assistant Director: Ylenia Azzurretti
Director of Photography: Roberto Ostuni

Executive Producer: Simone Russo
General Organiser: Maria Chiara De Gregorio
Production Coordinator: Annachiara de Filippis
Administration: Arianna Avolio

Studios Director: Vincenzo Piscopo
Account Manager: Anna Manzo
Digital Project Manager: Melissa Farina

Editing and post-production: Nicola Verre, Francesco Ebbasta, Alfredo Felco, Mario Rotili, Fabrizio Somma
Music: Luca De Gregorio, Luigi Scialdone, Bea Sanjust

Artistic direction: Francesco Ebbasta e Alessandro Grespan
Written by: Francesco Ebbasta, Alessandro Grespan, Ciro Priello, Fabio Balsamo,Gianluca Fru, Aurora Leone and Claudia Napolitano.

Cast: Ciro Priello, Gianluca Fru, Aurora Leone, Rosalia Porcaro, Mario Porfito, Tiziana Tirrito, Carlo Verre, Giuseppe Carosella, Giuseppina De Dominicis, Gaetano Orfeo