Cattolica and MIP Milan Polytechnic: Introduction of the Professional Agent Master’s

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Cattolica and MIP Milan Polytechnic: Introduction of the Professional Agent Master’s
21 December 2020 - Time: 15:25

Lamola: “It is a benchmark for the training of new generations of Cattolica agents”

Verona-Milan, 21 December 2020. Today saw the introduction of the ‘Professional Agent Master’s’, the academic course developed by Cattolica Assicurazioni in collaboration with MIP Politecnico di Milano to promote the growth of future Cattolica insurance agents.

The Master’s, which lasts nine months, aims to transform young participants into professionals able to manage agency activities through the acquisition and upgrading of specific professional skills.

Thanks to its focus on the role of digital transformation and on the many commercial, operational and managerial skills necessary to handle business activities, at the end of the training course participants will have acquired experience to cope with market challenges from a competitive, organisational and offering standpoint.

Particular attention will be paid to the change management process following the Covid-19 emergency, which has accelerated market trends such as digital innovation and multichannel marketing and has brought new security requirements to the fore.

This course provides high-level training, which includes acting as speakers of the managers of Cattolica, and demonstrates the Company's willingness to promote a sure investment which favours the growth of the Company's agency network.

Conducted under the scientific direction of Professors Marco Giorgino and Giuliano Noci for the Politecnico di Milano and by Doctor Marco Lamola for the Cattolica Assicurazioni Group, the Master’s includes nine educational components structured as follows: an opening/Kick Off component, 7 thematic Challenges, a project work phase and a Graduation Ceremony. The conclusion of the first study cycle, involving the participation of 24 selected young people, is expected in July 2021, followed by final project work prior to the award ceremony scheduled for November.

Marco Lamola, Deputy General Manager and Commercial Director of the Cattolica Assicurazioni Group commented: “The Professional Agent Master’s, now in its fifth edition, has, today, a completely new content and partnership with an institution of international renown such as the Politecnico di Milano, and strives to be a benchmark for the training of new generations of Cattolica agents. Thanks to a supremely excellent training course, entirely financed by the Company, we can contribute to the growth of young intermediaries using the most modern techniques and agency and insurance business management tools. In recent years we have involved almost 100 young future agents in our training initiatives – the last of whom are being honoured today, simultaneously with the start of the new project – and we shall continue to do so, cultivating the best talent in our network, inspired by the great agency tradition that has always been the Company’s trademark. With this investment, Cattolica cultivates not only talented young people, but the talent of young people”.

We are happy to be a partner of this new edition of the Professional Agent Master’s, which shows once again that Cattolica Assicurazioni puts the next generations of professionals at the centre of its strategy”, explain Professors Marco Giorgino and Giuliano Noci, Scientific Directors of the Master’s course.

When designing this project together with Cattolica, we wanted to focus not only on digital transformation, but also on providing young agents with the tools needed to guide change in this challenging environment. The solid theoretical bases taught by our teachers are coupled with more experience-based components, such as assignments and appraisals by the managers of Cattolica Assicurazioni, in order to provide students with experience which is as complete and close as possible to the situation in which they will be working.”