Duemila21 Pronti al futuro: Cattolica holds web tour to meet with Agents

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Duemila21 Pronti al futuro: Cattolica holds web tour to meet with Agents
31 March 2021 - Time: 15:22

Four webinars dedicated to the main business areas: Motor, Non-Motor, Life and the Claims. Deputy GM and Sales Director Marco Lamola coordinated the events, presenting the 2020 results and setting the future objectives of the Agency Network

Verona, 31 March 2021. Motor, Non-Motor, Life and Claims: four business areas and four webinars to meet up online with over 1,000 agents and a significant number of the 7,000 sub-agents and staff that make up the Cattolica Assicurazioni Agency Network. Duemila21 Pronti al futuro (TwoThousand21 Ready for the Future) is the slogan chosen by the Company’s Sales Department for a web tour created to keep a direct channel open with its Network, presenting the results achieved in 2020 and outlining the objectives for the coming months.

The meetings, coordinated by the Deputy General Manager and Sales Director of Cattolica Assicurazioni, Marco Lamola, took place between 17 and 30 March and involved numerous executives and managers of the Company. As well as the four webinars, the meeting calendar included a closing event attended by CEO Carlo Ferraresi, where the Agents with the best performance in 2020 received awards. The final webinar was also an opportunity to present the new organisation of the Business Unit for Religious Entities and the Tertiary Sector and the new commercial events projects for 2021.

Carlo Ferraresi, Chief Executive Officer of the Cattolica Assicurazioni Group, stated: “The Duemila21 Pronti al futuro event promoted by the Sales Department was created to provide Agents with all the tools they need to address the challenging scenario in 2021 and to guide them towards the opportunities that - in spite of everything - still exist in the insurance landscape. In the months leading up to this virtual tour, the department made listening to the entire Network a priority, in order to define the content and give practical responses to the needs of Agents faced with a new, different way of working. It is important to point out that, even in this undoubtedly complex environment, the Network can rely on a solid, strong and innovative Company, with results that have confirmed the Group's financial and capital stability”.

Marco Lamola, Deputy General Manager and Sales Director of Cattolica Assicurazioni, concluded: “This past year, which was out of the ordinary, was definitely challenging but once again showed us the value of a motivated team that is willing to make sacrifices. We are particularly proud of our network for their efforts, which I am pleased to say have been tireless: for months and months, our agencies remained open while the cities were closed. Cattolica’s Agents and staff have been standing by their customers in every possible way, from the traditional to the more innovative, with digital payments, online advice and remote customer support services. Thanks to these efforts and the results achieved, the agencies were able to close 2020 with revenue growth. This is a source of satisfaction for the entire Cattolica system, as we know that the Network’s involvement and stamina will be needed to tackle the Company's future objectives with the required energy and focus. Challenges lie ahead and we are ready”.


Marco Lamola, Deputy General Manager and Sales Manager.