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FATA for Uganda. History of a revival

The humanitarian commitment of FATA Assicurazioni for this African country, begun in 2005, is aimed at concretely helping former child soldiers who are victims of a thirty-year war that has tormented these territories

Since 2005 FATA Assicurazioni has been actively involved in social issues with the "Uganda Project", a program of initiatives aimed at supporting the revival of the African country devastated by thirty years of war.

Created in collaboration with Father Emmanuel Maria Vura of the Diocese of Arua, the programme has recently allowed "recovery" for hundreds of former young fighters through their involvement in agricultural activities and creating the preconditions for improving the living conditions for entire families. Conditions documented by the intense book of photography "Uganda Contro", produced by photographers Silvano Monchi and Antonio Manta, commissioned by FATA.

The project has developed in several stages: from supporting the beginning of agricultural activity, by purchasing seeds and machinery, to a rabbit farm in Moyo.



The "rabbit project"

The initiative was created with the intention of transforming FATA's "humanitarian" commitment into a useful long-term intervention. There are two objectives: to improve the health of women and children through the introduction of rabbit meat protein and to create an activity that represents a model for future economic and social development.

The "rabbit project" started in 2011 and includes three stages: training, held in Italy by technicians from The Hague (the Association of Italian breeders) and addressed to the Ugandan technicians in charge of training in Uganda; construction in Moyo, of the facilities for breeding and slaughtering animals; start-up of the structure and the beginning of the first broods for meat marketing.

The final stage of the "Uganda Project" is expected to be completed by February of this year with the donation of a tractor made available by Fiat New Holland. The vehicle, sent by sea from Salerno in January, will be added to the pellet machine and the pick-up already donated by FATA. 


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