Cattolica Foundation, almost 500 projects launched in 2017

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Cattolica Foundation, almost 500 projects launched in 2017

Roberto Moncalvo, national president of Coldiretti, is the new vice-president of Ente di via Adua

A 2017 suitable for framing for Cattolica Foundation. On December 29th, at the office in Via Adua, President Paolo Bedoni and General Secretary Adriano Tomba made an initial assessment of the activity of the Organisation, which will present the official results in April in the Sustainability Report.

There were 480 initiatives launched last year (360 in 2016), including 50 new social enterprise projects, which allowed dignity to be restored, through work, to over 380 people who had not had any (272 in 2016).There were more than 11 thousand volunteers involved and 203 were associations found throughout the national territory.

Also for 2018, the guidelines in force since 2012 were reconfirmed, thanks to which the Cattolica Foundation assumes an even stronger role in support of the various entities operating in Italy.

Allocation of resources


Social assistance
Cultural activities of significant social value
Education, instruction and training
Study and research


President Bedoni and General Secretary Tomba illustrated the many projects supported during the year, emphasising that each initiative is evaluated on the basis of the five values of the Social Doctrine of the Church that inspired the founding of the Cattolica Group and the Foundation itself: solidarity, subsidiarity, gratuity, fraternity and active participation." The experience of the last five years has confirmed that these are the best guarantee that the projects financed, once completed, have autonomy and continuity".

The Foundation's Board of Directors, in the last meeting of the year (22 December 2017), appointed Roberto Moncalvo, national president of Coldiretti, as the new vice-president, replacing the entrepreneur Giordano Veronesi, present on the Board of Directors of the Body since its establishment in 2007.


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