Cattolica's sales department meets the entire agency network

Cattolica's sales department meets the entire agency network
30 July 2021 - Time: 14:32

Over 70 hours of online connections to take stock of the first half of 2021. Deputy General Manager and Sales Director, Marco Lamola: “Commendable team spirit”

Verona, 30 July 2021. Full immersion in Cattolica Assicurazioni's Agency Network. A few months after the Duemila21 Pronti al Futuro (“TwoThousand21 Ready for the Future”) web tour, the Company's Sales Department decided to hold a series of online meetings with all the Agents in the country. Over 70 hours were spent reviewing the last 18 months, with a specific focus on the first half of 2021, analysing events, actions, facts and business results together with over a thousand Cattolica Agents.

Marco Lamola, Deputy General Manager and Sales Director of Cattolica Assicurazioni, was joined by the Sales Manager, Roberto Dinoi, the Area Manager and the local Business Manager at all of the 44 meetings. Together, they contacted the Agents personally to take stock of the situation, with a focus on the main levers of business development: sales promotion, involvement of the secondary network, monitoring of results, targeted support, training and digitalisation of processes and services, and the new insurance offering thanks to the partnership with Assicurazioni Generali.

Based on the success experienced with the Duemila21 Pronti al Futuro web tour, employees of the Cattolica Group, who normally do not work directly with the Network, were able to take part in one of the 44 local meetings, which enabled them to increase their awareness of each other.

It was an intense and constructive experience. We met with the key players in our Network in fewer than ten working days, with the help of technology. And we can’t wait to do it again face to face, in person. Results monitoring, development of our insurance offering, training and digitalisation are our known ingredients, but it is the commendable team spirit with our agents that really makes the difference,” commented Deputy General Manager Marco Lamola. “We thank them for putting their trust in us and coming with us on this journey. Thank you to the women and men in the Agencies who work with tireless professionalism every day: we know that business experience and entrepreneurial foresight are now more important than ever.