Cattolica Foundations’ Mission: Generating Value from Good

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Cattolica Foundations’ Mission: Generating Value from Good

The goals achieved by the Foundation this year, as told by three grant recipients: associations whose projects are the best representation of the Church’s Social Policy and values. These funded projects focus on the individual, and were driven by a need to develop a sustainable socio-economic system

The Trent Network took steps to open up group homes, in the form of shared flats, where young persons with intellectual disabilities might start on the path toward independence. The Samaritan in Verona designed a project to provide viable and accommodating employment to persons with mental-health issues in the farming industry. The SOS Village in Vicenza welcomed in youth from troubled homes: by launching a bakery, they gave them a way to learn a trade and join the workforce.

Three cooperatives, three distinct models, three examples of situations that transform problems into opportunities by implementing solutions that can create value. Social value: through programmes that promote inclusion while increasing economic value, by designing products and services that promote self-sufficiency.



It is within this world that Cattolica's Foundation is taking action. Its role, which has of course evolved over time, is no longer focussed on making donations, but rather on investing in new, proven, and sustainable initiatives. Projects that provide a response to the five primary needs: family, senior citizens, disabled citizens, new poverty, and workplace integration.

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