MF Investment Manager Awards 2021: double win for Cattolica

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MF Investment Manager Awards 2021: double win for Cattolica
29 January 2021

Cattolica Assicurazioni was a double winner at the 2021 MF Investment Manager Awards. The Company received the Triple A Individual Investment Plans award for the manager with most products with the highest rating, while Lombarda Vita, a bancassurance joint venture with Ubi, received the Triple A Separate Account Life Policies award for the best one-year performance.

The Chief Investment Officer of the Group, Massimo di Tria and the CEO of Lombarda Vita, Davide Berveglieri, collected the awards at the virtual ceremony.

The four Individual Investment Plan products, “Guardo avanti New Azionario”, “Puntalto Azionario”, “Cattolica previdenza Progetto Pensione Bis Azionario” and “Cattolica previdenza per la pensione c178 Azionario”, achieved the Triple A. “These investment plans are excellent because they allow savers to invest with peace of mind with a multi-product, multi-class approach in safe products,” commented di Tria, “and then, over time, move investments into units with a bigger scope that are typically very satisfying in the long run”. The manager pointed out the typical appetite for saving in Italy. “There is over €1,800 billion lying dormant in current accounts that could be invested, benefiting savers and the country,” he explained. “Saving is an act of love, but investing is an act of awareness. For this product design, management and distribution have to be more and more integrated and based on real customer needs”.

The Lombarda Vita “Fondo Sicuro Più” product, meanwhile, recorded the best one-year performance in separate account life insurance policies. “It’s a product with a very attractive management profile, thanks to very effective cash flow matching between assets and liabilities that has enabled a return of more than 4% in the last seven years,” noted Berveglieri.