TUA Assicurazioni and Plastic Free together to clean up cities from polluting plastics

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TUA Assicurazioni and Plastic Free together to clean up cities from polluting plastics
07 June 2021 - Time: 11:59

TUA’s employees, agents, and staff will help the non-profit organisation’s volunteers to help clean up beaches, parks, and public areas.

Milan, 7 June 2021. TUA Assicurazioni, in accordance with its vision of eco-sustainability as a key principle for the future of the Company, has signed a partnership agreement with Plastic Free, an Italian non-profit organisation that aims to raise awareness and inform people about the correct use of plastic, particularly single-use plastic. The agreement is a step on a path towards social and environmental responsibility following the two carbon neutral certifications obtained by the Company for CO2 emissions produced in 2019 and 2020, in accordance with the environmental commitment of the Parent Company Cattolica.

The collaboration with Plastic Free consists of raising awareness and active participation by TUA stakeholders in the initiatives promoted by the non-profit organisation in Italy throughout 2021: meetings open to people who want to engage with the environment as volunteers, cleaning their cities’ public places from polluting plastics.

Employees, agents, staff and customers, with the invitation also extended to their families, will be invited to participate in the more than 500 collection events scheduled for 2021, with a view to helping to clean up parks and public areas.

There will be new initiatives such as Plogging Day on 20 June, a national event in which people and families, as volunteers easily recognisable in their Plastic Free-TUA branded vests, will spontaneously work in their relevant areas to collect plastic waste and arrange to dispose of it, and a business day during which employees of the Company, together with their families, will gather in a pre-arranged place to clean it of throwaway plastic.

“The partnership with Plastic Free is a tangible demonstration of how much the Company believes in the path to sustainability it has embarked on - commented Nazareno Cerni, CEO of TUA Assicurazioni. - After certification of the Company as a "carbon neutral" company we continue with an initiative that we are passionate about and that involves us on a personal level, in the conviction that change - including cultural change - requires the commitment of each and every one of us, with the common objective of protecting and preserving the Planet for future generations".