An Integrated Vision

Cattolica’s idea of sustainability, developed starting in 2017 with the creation of the CSR Unit, has resulted in a governance structure and operating methods that seek to combine the most widespread best practices with the organisational and cultural peculiarities of the company.

This gives rise to a perspective in which the selection of strategic guidelines inspires and composes the long-term orientation:

  • the principle of customer centrality
  • the leverage of efficiency in distribution
  • the emphasis on innovation, digitalisation and multichannel system
  • the basis of social responsibility
  • the importance given to environmental sustainability
  • respect for and development of resources

These principles are fully harmonised and integrated to define an entrepreneurial formula that nourishes and supports the three economic pillars 

  • Financial and equity solidity
  • Profitability
  • Competitive excellence

with the ultimate aim of generating lasting value for stakeholders and ensuring the stability and economy necessary for balanced long-term growth, adopting a business model that progressively integrates ESG factors and environmental sustainability according to a strategic vision.

Instead of adopting the traditional idea of CSR as “corporate social responsibility”, we prefer that of “corporate sustainability and responsibility”, which best expresses how a modern idea of sustainability is much broader than its mere social inference. 

The bottom line 2020

With reference to the objectives set out in the previous Non-Financial Statement, the following is an update on the status of some activities and the launch of new initiatives:

Definition of a Sustainability plan that favours determining clear, measurable short, medium and long-term qualitative and quantitative objectives Recent events related to the transformation into a joint-stock company and the change in the corporate/equity structure, together with the persistent instability resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, have in fact delayed the adoption of the Sustainability Plan
Assignment of a solicited rating by a specialised rating company During 2019, a process was initiated for the assignment of a solicited rating with the company Standard Ethics which culminated in early 2021 with the issuance of the SER (Standard Ethics Rating), which classified Cattolica as EE- (Adequate)
Assessment of a carbon neutrality path, adhering to internationally recognised standards The pilot carbon neutrality project that involved TUA Assicurazioni ended with the assignment of the carbon neutral certification to the company, confirmed in 2020 A similar initiative is being studied for Cattolica Assicurazioni
Development of projects that see the Tenute as a resource to be valued in terms of sustainable agricultural productivity, with crop improvements and the partnership with external parties for social and environmental innovation projects

Activities carried out or being implemented:

  • Planting of 30 hectares of hazelnut trees in collaboration with Loacker;
  • Collaboration with the University of Padua to estimate the effects of wind and hail damage on maize and cereal crops;
  • Installation of robotic traps on 10 hectares of vineyard, to monitor pathogenic insects of vines and reduce the moral hazard on prevention activities with the use of plant protection products;
  • Presentation of a medium-term plan for greater sustainability of crops and enhancement of the production chains of the Tenute
Strengthening stakeholder engagement activities with the inclusion of new categories During 2020, a sample of subjects belonging to the category “community and territory” was involved and a multi-stakeholder questionnaire was administered through the company’s website, thus expanding the range of stakeholders consulted
Drafting and approval of a  Anti-Corruption Policy

In 2020, the preparatory work was done and a working group was established composed of internal contacts belonging to the company functions involved. The operational phase of the project began in January 2021 and is expected to be completed during the year

Definition of training activities for employees on CSR issues, to spread a culture of sustainability in the company A basic institutional course on sustainability was completed and provided to employees and courses were held in webinar mode for members of RSA


Cattolica continues along the virtuous path undertaken as part of its investment activity, through a strategy that increasingly focuses on responsible investments, having the ESG criteria as a constant reference in the selection and monitoring of investments.

Cattolica intends to develop further activities and projects with a positive impact on social, environmental and governance variables and promote the culture of sustainability in the territory, for the benefit of all stakeholders.