An Integrated Vision

Cattolica developed an “integrated” idea of Corporate Social Responsibility to point out that it should not be considered as a superstructure that comes after the business vision and formula in ideal terms and from a time perspective, but rather as an essential and systemic part of them.



The main guidelines of Cattolica Group’s CSR action deal with the following commitments:

  • continue and intensify efforts to incorporate best practices and principles of sustainable development into activities, processes, products and insurance solutions;
  • foster the dissemination of the sustainability culture at all levels of the organisation, in order to make it a pivotal element for future strategies and increase transparency of information in order to support the most effective decisionmaking processes;
  • develop the digitalisation and innovation processes, testing new solutions to enhance sustainability at the service of corporate stakeholders;
  • cooperate with experts, institutions, research centres and other companies in the sector, so as to develop fruitful dialogue and share experiences on CSR matters;
  • develop and publish a Sustainability Policy at the basis of guidelines, rules and detailed procedures aiming at triggering a wide range of innovations in the social, economic and environmental field.