An Integrated Vision

In parallel and in support of the corporate values, Cattolica has developed an idea of Corporate Social Responsibility that it defines as “integrated”, to be understood not as a later conceptually and temporally superstructure relative to the vision and entrepreneurial formula, but as essential and systemic part of it. 



It’s a formula with a prominent pragmatic quality, that moves from the guidelines characterizing the long-term orientation of the Group and interprets them in the present day, to the extent that the initiatives anticipated by the 2018-2010 Business Plan become part of it and are fully expressed in it: 

  • the principle of being customer-oriented 
  • the lever of distribution efficiency 
  • the emphasis on innovation, digitalisation and multi-channel systems 
  • the ethics of social responsibility 
  • the importance of environmental sustainability 
  • the respect and enhancement of resources that are fully harmonised and integrated to define a longterm-oriented strategy, including and supporting the three economic pillars: 
  • financial and equity solidity 
  • profitability 
  • competitive excellence with the ultimate goal of sustaining the value creation for the stakeholder and the long-lasting development of Cattolica. 


What we want to do

  • Definition of a sustainability plan that favours determining clear, measurable short, medium and long-term qualitative and quantitative objectives;
  • definition of an environmental Group policy, through the analysis of the main environmental risk generated or suffered tied to the activities of the Group and the identification of the areas of improvement;
  • assignment to the Group of a solicited rating by a specialised rating company;
  • assessment of a carbon neutrality part by acceding to internationally recognised standards;
  • start of a design reflection, which views Ca’ Tron agricultural estate as a resource to be enhanced under the profile of agricultural productive and from the agrolandscape point of view, according to an approach that develops the connection to the territory, in an integrated and multifunctional perspective;
  • reinforcement of the stakeholder engagement activities for 2019 by including other categories (e.g. the customers);
  • adherence to the Principles of Responsible Investment of the United Nations (UN PRI);
  • definition of training activities for the employees on CSR issues to spread a culture of sustainability in the company;
  • training activity and induction of the directors to the CSR and ESG subjects as part of the “Training administrative bodies of the companies of the Group” cycle.