An Integrated Vision

Cattolica’s idea of “integrated” sustainability which has been developing since 2017 has translated into a CSR governance structure and operational methods that take into account the organisational and cultural peculiarities of the Company.

It is a systemic view, in which the strategic guidelines that inspire and make up its long-term orientation

  • the principle of customer centrality
  • the leverage of efficiency in distribution
  • the emphasis on innovation, digitisation and a multichannel system
  • the basis of social responsibility
  • the importance given to environmental sustainability
  • respect for and development of resources

are fully harmonised and integrated to define an entrepreneurial formula that feeds and supports the three economic pillars:

  • Financial and equity solidity
  • Profitability
  • Competitive excellence

with the ultimate aim of achieving lasting value creation for stakeholders and the stability and cost-effectiveness necessary for balanced long-term growth.

An outline of this concept is offered in the following diagram.

The bottom line 2019

With reference to the objectives set out in the previous Non-Financial Statement, the following is an update on the status of the main activities:

Definition of a Sustainability plan that favours determining clear, measurable short, medium and long-term qualitative and quantitative objectives In 2019 preliminary activities were initiated re-garding the definition of the Sustainability Plan, which will be adopted in coordination with the new Business Plan 2021-2023 in order to create an integrated approach to the company strategy
Definition of a Group Environmental Policy, through the analysis of the main environmental risks generated or suffered related to the Group's activities and the identification of areas for improvement The policy was approved in December 2019
Adoption of an Environmental Policy related to the Ca’ Tron Agricultural estate, focused on principles and guidelines for the sustainable management of this important asset of Cattolica The policy was approved in March 2019
Assignment to the Group of a solicited rating by a specialised rating company A path was initiated in 2019 for the assignment of a solicited rating with the company Standard Ethics
Assessment of a carbon neutrality path, adhering to internationally recognised standards In 2019 a carbon neutrality pilot project was launched that involved TUA Assicurazioni
Initiation of a design reflection, which considers the Ca’ Tron Agricultural estate as a resource to be enhanced from the point of view of agricultural productivity and from an agro-landscape point of view, according to an approach that develops the connection to the territory, in an integrated and multifunctional perspective

Among the activities carried out or being implemented:

  • Planting of 30 hectares of hazelnut trees in collaboration with Loacker;
  • Collaboration with the University of Padua to estimate the effects of wind and hail damage on maize and cereal crops;
  • Installation of robotic traps on about 10 hectares of vineyard, in order to monitor some pathogenic insects of vines and reduce the moral hazard on prevention activities that require the use of plant protection products.
Strengthening stakeholder engagement activities for 2019, including other categories (e.g. customers) During 2019, a sample of customers was involved, expanding the range of stakeholders engaged and increasing the number of agents and employees consulted
Adherence to the Responsible Investment Principles of the United Nations (UNPRI) In June 2019, Cattolica signed the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI)
Definition of training activities for employees on CSR issues, to spread a culture of sustainability in the company The planning began at the end of 2019 and the training content is being defined; the provision of an institutional course to employees is expected in 2020
Training and induction activities for Directors on CSR and ESG issues as part of the “Training of administrative bodies of Group companies” cycle The induction activities for Directors were carried out in December 2019, and the session was extended to Group Executives


With reference to the path of continuous improvement already undertaken by the Company, the adoption of a Group Anti- Corruption Policy is planned in 2020 in order to strengthen and confirm its commitment to the prevention of illegal practices and the promotion of a corporate culture based on reference best practices.

Cattolica also continues to expand its analysis, evaluation and management of responsible investments, with an increasing emphasis on ESG criteria in the monitoring of investments.

The Group reiterates its promise to multiply initiatives and projects with a positive impact on social, environmental and economic variables, balancing interventions within the company and in the territory, having as a common denominator the promotion of a culture of sustainability that induces responsible behaviour and the forward-looking vision of all stakeholders involved.