Areas of Business

Cattolica’s business model is multichannel and multiproduct, integrated and dynamic, updated to deal with and, where possible, anticipate the evolution of the insurance market, the current social and demographical trends, the increasingly-evolved demand for services, and the emergence of new distribution channels.

The business of Gruppo Cattolica Assicurazioni is divided into three areas of business: non-life insurance, life insurance and other activities, both operational and instrumental to the insurance business. Cattolica Assicurazioni, the parent company, deals with the life and non-life branches. The other companies operate in the sectors of life, non-life, investments, real estate and offer services which are operational and instrumental to the performance of the Group’s activities. 


Summary of the premiums for the year (€ thousands)  

  2020 2019
gross premiums written 2,301,020 2,394,309
direct business - non-life  1,700,550 1,732,833
direct business - life 554,535 620,323
indirect business - non-life  45,653 41,126
indirect business - life  282 27


In addition to its wide range of insurance and financial services designed for the non-life and life sectors, Cattolica has specific business lines and areas of operation in which the company demonstrates its leadership in offering innovative insurance solutions.


Detail of Direct Premiums



Peers and market share

Among the peers of the Cattolica Assicurazioni Group operating on the Italian insurance market it is possible to include the Generali Group and the Unipol Group, also listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, and, among unlisted companies, Vittoria Assicurazioni and Reale Mutua.


Source: Ania
update May 2021