Beeing Members

Cattolica has 18,312 Members as of 31 December 2019 (in 2018 there were 24,5471), located throughout Italy, with a higher concentration in some Northern regions like Veneto (65%), Lombardy (10.6%) and Emilia-Romagna (10.64%). 98.5% of Members are natural persons - of which 59.2% men and 39.3% women - and the remaining 1.5% are legal entities. 

1 The significant reduction in the number of Members is due to the removal from the Members’ Register of those who have not reached the minimum possession threshold of 300 shares envisaged by the Articles of Association. 


The holders of Cattolica shares are divided into Members and Shareholders.

The Articles of Association assign personal rights to the Members, such as participation in the Shareholders’ Meeting and the right to vote, in addition to the proprietary rights, such as the collection of the dividends and the decision to adhere to the subscription of the increases in capital. The shareholder instead has only proprietary rights. Therefore the Members are exclusively given the right to vote in the Shareholders’ Meeting.

One of the main objectives of Cattolica is the involvement of Members in the Company’s life, in line with its cooperative nature; this is done also by means of institutional events, besides the annual Shareholders’ Meeting, which is the most important corporate event. It is particularly worth mentioning the Members’ Meeting organised in January 2020: these are traditional aggregation opportunities where Members are given all the information on the Company’s performance. 


Cattolica’s Members can also enjoy particular incentives to take out special insurance policies and products available on devoted website