Cattolica and the Environment

The environmental question holds a structural importance in the objectives of a company focused on the long-term. 

Themes such as the impact of the processes and the products, the reduction in consumption and the achievement of energy savings, the prudent management of the resources belong de jure in the financial statement of a company such as Cattolica. It is from premises such as these that stems the desire to have a Group environmental policy and one dedicated to the Ca’ Tron agricultural estate.

The idea remains unswerving that well-defined environmental governance is essential to effectively monitor the policies regarding these themes and for their dissemination within the organisation. 

The Group, in this sense, is continuing its efforts to manage the resources that it uses efficiently, with the objective of reducing the impact generated. It has also acquired catastrophic coverage for risks of earthquake, floods, storms, tornadoes and hail (not agricultural), with monthly monitoring of the catastrophic events which exceed set performance thresholds, in order to be able to identify potential events with high negative impact. 

The data provided in this page include the Group’s executive offices of Verona, Rome, Milan and, starting this year, the office of Venice, following the acquisition of the companies Estinvest, Satec and Meteotec during 2018 and the relative inclusion in the Group’s perimeter.

Together with the executive offices, the data report includes the Cattolica Center of Verona and the Ca’ Tron agricultural estate.

The Verona area includes the two operational sites of Lungadige Cangrande and via Fermi and the Cattolica Center, property owned by Cattolica, partly renovated and used starting in 2016.

Paper consuption


Paper consuption (t)

Type 2018 2017
Photocopying 27 31
Printed materials: form, brochures, etc.  420 392
Total 447 423


Paper sent for pulping (t)

Type 2018 2017
Warehouse for printed materials: obsolete forms 22 49
Central archive: pulping of policies, accident documents, etc.  46 104
Paper collection at business offices 52 32
Total 120 185


Electricity consumption


Electricity consumption by location (KWh)

Headquarters 2018 2017
Verona 2.464.730 2.785.368
of which executive offices 1.916.991 2.079.150
of wich Cattolica Center 547.739 706.218
Rome 528.337 494.542
Milan 1.504.949 1.298.589
Venice 1.691 n/a
Ca’ Tron agricultural estate 316.899 246.146
Total 4.816.606 4.700.897
Natural gas consumption


Natural gas consumption by location (m3)

Sede 2018 2017
Verona 33.362 39.987
of which operating offices 33.362 39.987
of which Cattolica Center n/a n/a
Rome 7.943 8.725
Milan 125.076 103.611
Venice 442 n/d
Ca’ Tron agricultural estate 30.923 24.754 
Totale 197.746 177.077
District heating


District heating (KWh)

Headquarters 2018 2016
Verona (Lungadige Cangrande) 949.785 1.215.823
Total energy consumption


Total energy consumption (GJ)


Type 2018 2017
Electricity usage 17.340 17.369
Usage of thermal energy (district heating) 3.419 4.377
Methane gas 6.971 6.221
GPL 190 186
Energy usage for vehicles    
-  Agricultural diesel fuel  4.790 6.458
- Transportation diesel fuel 4.323 4.585
- Transportation petrol 388 438
Total energy usage 37.420 39.634
of which renewables   -


Energy intensity 2018 2017
Employees at 31 December (no.)  1.717 1.592
Energy intensity 21,8 24,9
Direct and indirect emissions


Direct and Indirect Emissions 2018  (tCO2)



CO2 emissions  (tCO2)

  2018 2017
Scope 1 1.105 1.178
Scope 2 (Location-based) 1.762 1.842
Scope 2 (Market-based) 2.520 1.992
Scope 3 2.056 1.767
Water consumption


Water consumption (m3)

  2018 2017
Business offices and Cattolica Center 32.132 27.965
Ca’ Tron agricultural estate 733.453 739.840
Total 765.585 767.805