Corporate Bodies


Board of Directors

The Company’s administrative body is currently formed of 18 directors, who are appointed from amongst the Members by the General Meeting using short lists. It holds the fullest powers of ordinary and extraordinary management of the Company, within the normative and statutory limits provided. In particular, the administrative body is responsible for approving the Company’s strategic, business and financial plans and transactions of great economic and financial importance, allocating profits, appointing General Managers and Internal Board Committees, and defining the related powers and functions.


First Vice Chairman
Vice Chairman
Chief Executive Officer
  Cesare Brena (*)
  Piergiuseppe Caldana
Luigi Castelletti
Rosella Giacometti
Pierantonio Riello
Anna Strazzera





General Manager Carlo Ferraresi
General Manager Valter Trevisani
Deputy General Manager Nazareno Cerni
Deputy General Manager Enrico Mattioli


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