Fondazione Cattolica Assicurazioni

Fondazione Cattolica Assicurazioni has used resources, energy and passion since 2006 to spread a new philosophy of intervention in the social sphere, in direct contact with the requests and needs of those who really need support, both economic and above all in planning, to make their idea of the common good concrete.

For the Foundation, betting on ideas and projects that maintain a lasting impact is still the only way to effectively invest in the future of the people and their ideas.

The foundation of the cooperation is its orientation to the common good, the principle that identifies and guides its work. While solidarity risks fuelling forms of dependence in
those who are helped, on the other hand, involvement and empowerment mobilise unexpected resources. Becoming active in one’s own redemption leads to becoming active,
protagonists, resilient.

Beyond the philanthropic donation, therefore, Fondazione Cattolica continues to invest in initiatives that yield results in the long term, following a perspective of social and economic
development that starts from the trust and enhancement of persons. While it intervenes, it encourages others to intervene. It becomes a sort of yeast activating the community.

Putting people in a position to do and to make, allowing everyone to walk on their own legs, are expressions that describe the philosophy that the Foundation seeks to spread, to generate something new from the meeting of experiences.

Those who wish to learn more about the activity of Fondazione Cattolica can find a detailed account of the inspiring principles, intervention methodologies and initiatives supported in 2019 in the Annual Mission Report.

In 2019 Fondazione Cattolica received from the Founder a contribution of € 3,500,000 (2018: € 1,804,942) based on the profits produced in 2018, thanks to which it was able to accept 495 requests (2018: 406) for a total of € 3,012,800 (2018: € 2,436,890). Approximately 60% of the resources were allocated to the social sphere. Starting in 2019 the Founder’s contribution disbursed to Fondazione Cattolica was determined during the Members’ Meeting of the Company.

The projects carried out by the Foundation in 2019 also confirmed the choice, approved by the Board of Directors as early as 2011, to support activities and not structures, placing man at the centre and not the tool. The guidelines adopted have made it possible to optimise resources, giving priority to solutions with the greatest social impact.

This is reflected in the Foundation’s direct involvement in many of the deliberate initiatives, an objective achieved in particular through the “Social enterprise” call. 

With a total disbursement of € 1,479,800 during 2019 (2018: € 983,100), the call is the most significant intervention tool. “Social enterprise” continues to be the heart of the Foundation’s activity, with a weight of 49% on the overall economic commitment (2018: 40%).



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