Fondazione Cattolica Assicurazioni


Fondazione Cattolica Assicurazioni was founded in 2006 to create a tangible synergy between business and society, in which attention to profitability and market challenges really includes the integrated development of social sensitivity.

Fondazione Cattolica supports initiatives that mobilise the generosity of citizens, helping them to rediscover the meaning of their time and skills. Beyond the donor-recipient logic, the Foundation is therefore a centraliser, a catalyst that attracts and integrates different contributions with the sole aim of the common good. And investing for the autonomy of the recipient Entities, instead of creating dependence, fully responds to Cattolica’s founding principles and to the desire to transform disbursements into social investments.


The Foundation’s activities confirmed the decision – taken by the Board of Directors in 2011 - to support interventions in the new activities, eliminating the need for interventions in the structures.

The guidelines adopted have made it possible to optimise resources, giving priority to solutions with the greatest social impact.

This translates into a further increase in designing new projects and into the direct involvement of the

Foundation in setting up many of the initiatives decided, an objective achieved in particular thanks to the

“Intraprendere nel Sociale” initiative which, with a total disbursement of € 1,335,850 in 2017 (1,312,300 in 2016), is the most significant intervention tool.

Overall, the projects funded, which include “Intraprendere nel sociale” as well as calls for proposals and other projects, have increased both in number (from 203 to 324) and in value of the commitment (from € 2,386,886 to 2,796,476).

With regards to the total disbursement, there was a strong development in the number of calls for proposals, which grew by 89% in terms of number of initiatives compared to the previous year, especially thanks to the introduction of the call for proposals for the Catholic state authorised preschools in Verona for 2017.



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