Fondazione Cattolica Assicurazioni

Solidarity, subsidiarity, gratuitousness and fraternity are values that can talk about that ethics of cooperation which is the basis of the orientation towards the common good which guides the Fondazione Cattolica. Since 2006 it has been involved in promoting the dialogue between business and civil society, intervening nationally with a great attention on the territories in which the founding Company operates and develops its business.

Well beyond the philanthropic donation, the Fondazione Cattolica has bet and continues to bet on project give yield results in the long-term through a lasting and always sustainable impact, following a perspective of social and economic development that starts from the trust and enhancement of persons. 

The Fondazione Cattolica’s activity is socially oriented and connective, capable of positively impacting the future, a modus operandi that chooses to invest in the autonomy of the recipient entities, without creating dependency, transforming the donations into true social investments. “Putting people into a position to act” is an expression that perfectly renders the idea of the project that the Fondazione is pursuing, creating something new starting from the live encounter between people. Mobilising the generosity of the citizens, helping them to rediscover the meaning of the gift of time and skills, this is the centre of every Fondazione’s project, always listening to the most important capital: the person understood in its uniqueness and singularity

The Fondazione Cattolica describes in detail in the Annual Mission Report the inspiring criteria, the intervention methods and the activities, a summary of which we provided here.


Again in 2018, the projects carried forward by the Fondazione confirmed the choice, deliberated by the Board of Directors in 2011, to support interventions concerning new activities, resetting to zero the interventions on the structures. The guidelines adopted have made it possible to optimise resources, giving priority to solutions with the greatest social impact.

This is reflected in the increase in designing new projects and in the direct involvement of the Fondazione in many of the initiatives decided, an objective achieved mainly due to the “Intraprendere nel Sociale” initiative which, with a total disbursement of € 983,100 during 2018 (2017: 1,335,850) is the most significant intervention tool.

Generally, the initiatives financed, which include in addition to “Intraprendere nel sociale” also tenders and other projects, mark a decrease both in terms of number (from 324 to 238) and financial commitment (from € 2,796,476 to 1,962,900) faced with the smaller financial availability for the year in question. However, they continue to represent the heart of the Fondazione’s typical activity, which continuously tries to start new self-sustainable activities in the national territory.



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