Internal dealing

Relevant Parties

Current corporate procedures of Cattolica Assicurazioni identify the categories of relevant parties (internal dealers) and parties closely associated to them in accordance with the applicable internal dealing regulation.

“Internal Dealer” in Cattolica Assicurazioni are:

  • Directors: Paolo Bedoni, Aldo Poli, Alberto Minali, Alessandro Lai, Barbara Blasevich, Bettina Campedelli, Chiara de' Stefani, Carlo Napoleoni, Pierantonio Riello, Eugenio Vanda, Giovanni Glisenti, Federica Bonato, Cesare Brena, Piergiuseppe Caldana, Luigi Castelletti, Rosella Giacometti, Anna Strazzera.
  • General Managers / Deputy General Managers: Valter Trevisani, Carlo Ferraresi, Enrico Mattioli, Nazareno Cerni, Samuele Marconcini.
  • Others subjects qualified as "relevant parties": Fabio Bastia, Catia Brettani, Antonio Crisafulli, Massimo di Tria, Giorgio Schieppati, Atanasio Pantarrotas, Marco Passafiume Alfieri, Mario Rindone, Andrea Ongaro, Jacopo Tanaglia.


It is highlighted below the closing periods during which the internal dealers may not carry out transactions directly or on behalf of third parties on Cattolica Assicurazioni shares, as provided by current legislation (MAR art. 19, paragraph 11).

press release publication date item closing period
19.03.2020 Draft of individual and consolidated financial statement from 18.02 to 21.03.2020
13.05.2020 Additional periodic information from 13.04 to 13.05.2020*
07.08.2020 Consolidated Half Year Financial Statement from 08.07 to 07.08.2020*
11.11.2020 Additional periodic information from 12.10 to 11.11.2020*

*until the time of publication of the press release


Transactions disclosed by relevant parties in 2019 

name  communication date  purchase (volume)  sale (volume)
Paolo Bedoni 18.01.2019 13.749 --
Alberto Minali 14.01.2019 50.000 --
Aldo Poli 05.02.2019 25.000 --
Barbara Blasevich 29.05.2019 3.000 --


Transactions disclosed by relevant parties in 2018
name date  purchase (volume)  sale (volume)
Paolo Bedoni 31.01.2018 5.000 --
Paolo Bedoni 22.05.2018 10.000 --
Paolo Bedoni 25.05.2018 5.000 --
Paolo Bedoni 03.09.2018 10.000 --
Barbara Blasevich 02.02.2018 2.000 --
Barbara Blasevich 23.03.2018 2.144 --
Barbara Blasevich 08.10.2018 2.500 --
Alessandro Lai 06.09.2018 21.318 --
Enrico Mattioli 12.11.2018 8.000 --
Andrea Rossi* 22.01.2018 6.500 --


* Statuatory Auditor until April 28th 2018


Transactions Archive

Notification and public disclosure of transactions by persons discharging managerial responsibilities and persons closely associated with them, according to article 19 of the Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 April 2014.

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