Materiality Analysis

Continuing a path that began in 2017, Cattolica has renewed its reflection on the material topics which emerged from the analysis, namely the topics and issues which have particular relevance from a social, environmental and economic point of view, so as to be a priority for Cattolica and its stakeholders.

In particular, the top management and executive evaluations carried out in 2019 and the results of the stakeholder engagement activities described above were confirmed.

The 2020 materiality analysis and the matrix graphically summarising it were examined by the Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee, which expressed a favourable opinion to what was presented on 15 February 2021 and subsequently informed the Board of Directors.

The material topics in the figure are the most important nonfinancial drivers for Cattolica and its stakeholders: they are a source of risks to be identified and managed, but also opportunities to be seized.

The upper right area of the figure indicates the topics with “high materiality”, those to which both Cattolica and its stakeholders have attributed the utmost importance:

  1. Business ethics and transparency
  2. Customer satisfaction
  3. Economic performance and financial solidity
  4. Corporate governance
  5. Innovation and multichannel system
  6. Principles for responsible investment
  7. Risk management
  8. Employee development and management
  9. Excellence in accident management
  10. Data security
  11. Product simplicity and transparency

A comparison with the results of the 2019 materiality analysis highlights the confirmation of the high materiality topics, among which the increased relevance attributed to the topic “corporate governance” stands out.