Materiality Analysis

As early as 2017, Cattolica identified the material issues, i.e. the topics of particular importance from a social, environmental and economic point of view, and therefore priorities for the Group and its stakeholders. For the purposes of the 2019 NFS, the materiality analysis was updated through a workshop that involved a working team composed of top managers, executives, department managers and other professional figures. In addition, the analysis included the results of the stakeholder engagement activities described above.

The matrix shown below has been approved by the Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee and the Board of Directors.

Material issues are the non-financial drivers which the Group must address: simultaneously a source of risks and opportunities.

The upper right area of the figure includes the topics to which the 2019 materiality analysis has attributed the utmost importance (i.e. for both the Cattolica Group and the stakeholders):

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Economic performance and financial solidity
  • Business ethics and transparency
  • Excellence in accident management*
  • Innovation and multichannel system
  • Risk management
  • Principles of responsible investment*
  • Product transparency and linearity
  • Data security*
  • Training and management of employees
  • Corporate governance.

Materiality matrix