Laura Santori

(born 16 March 1968)

Director of the Parent Company and member of the Management Control Committee.

A graduate in Statistical and Actuarial Sciences from La Sapienza University of Rome, she is a member of the Order of Actuaries and an associate of the Institute of Actuaries.

Currently a director of AIG Life UK Ltd, Beazley Furlonge Ltd and Gamalife, she has extensive knowledge of the global insurance markets and of risk management, strategy, credit risk analysis, insurance debt structuring and fixed income and Insurance-Linked Securities portfolio management.

She began her career as an actuary, working for several international groups. She went on to gain considerable experience as an analyst at Standard & Poor’s France, where she held increasingly important roles, ultimately becoming Managing Director, Head of Southern European Insurance Ratings and European Head of Insurance Enterprise Risk Management. She has also been a partner of the Swiss asset management boutique Twelve Capital AG.