Luigi Castelletti

(born on 19 April 1955)

Graduated in Law and registered in the Register of Lawyers of Verona.

Director of the Parent Company in the Cattolica Group.

Attorney Castelletti was an external member of the Cattolica Assicurazioni Group's Supervisory Bodies with respect to the companies: Cattolica Assicurazioni, Tua Assicurazioni, Berica Vita, BCC Assicurazioni, and Vera Vita.

He was also a director of Unicredit Corporate Bank S.p.a., and, subsequently, Deputy Vice Chairman of Unicredit S.p.a. and a member of the Risks, Strategic, Nomination, Remuneration and Sub-Committee of Related Parties, in addition to carrying out the role of director in ABI and of Member of the Executive Board of ABI.

Furthermore, attorney Castelletti has held the following positions: chairman of the ZAI Consortium; member of the Board of Directors of Nord est Terminal SpA; member of the Board of Directors of Quadrante Servizi Srl; president of the Verona Trade Fair Authority; board member of Banca d’Italia Agenzia - Verona branch; consultant to the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry on the banking and financial system pursuant to Law 107/2017.