The Distribution Model

Cattolica makes use of three distribution channels: the network of agencies, bancassurance and, finally, insurance brokers and partners.



Cattolica stands out thanks to its high standards of quality, customisable offer, service and customer advice. The role that the agent takes in this context is of primary importance: they are a specialist in insurance solutions, always prepared and updated from a professional perspective, attentive to the specific needs of every client, so as to best interpret their needs for protection and guide them in finding the most appropriate solutions.

Cattolica was one of the pioneers of bancassurance and, over the years, it has established important partnership agreements in the life and non-life branches with various banks, reaching a position of national importance in terms of number of outlets.

Cattolica works with insurance brokers and partners in the field of reinsurance:

  • Arag, for legal protection
  • IMA, for assistance for the provision of services to policyholders in combination with car, personal and home policies 
  • Gruppo Per, in relation to assistance and emergency services in the event of an accident, especially for companies.