The Human Factor

A more stimulating and dynamic working environment, capable of capturing energy, achieving aspirations, mobilising forces, fostering relationships and stimulating the exchange of ideas: rapidly becoming not only a better workplace but the best is Cattolica’s ambition.

The aim is to change the narrative on Human Relations, to develop an original organisational path, which is based on the uniqueness of the Group and does not emulate other people’s formulas.

For a change to take place, people must perceive the presence of a set of available alternatives: they must be real options, tangible opportunities.

The basic premise is that in every individual, regardless of the role they play, there is an inner tension that makes them feel that they are active protagonists of change. Cattolica relied on this, on people’s desire to be there and to act, because people are the key element of any transformation.


The Training

The total number of training hours provided in 2017 was 36,511.

Cattolica considers its collaborators as resources to be promoted by leveraging tools capable of putting the skills and talents of each individual at the service of the organisation. The development of people and the increase of knowledge are strongly felt priorities, which are pursued through training and updating activities that increase over time.

The idea is to be a “learning organisation”, in which tools, methodologies and training interventions are aimed at the construction, consolidation and enlargement of a widespread culture and skills adapted to the needs of increasingly dynamic scenarios.


Hours of training by employee category and gender

Number of hours Hours Men 

Hours per capita men

Hours Women Hours per capita women  Hours Total  Hours per capita total
Executives 2.772 62 410 103 3.182 65
Officials 6.419 25 1.541 25 7.960 25
Employees 13.704 21 11.665 20 25.369 21
Workers - - - - - -
Total 22.895 24 13.616 21 36.511 23
Number of hours Hours Men 

Hours per capita me

Hours Women  Hours per capita women  Hours Total  Hours per capita total
Executives 1.462 38 140 35 1.602 38
Officials 6.585 27 1.713 31 8.298 27
Employees 10.168 16 8.147 14 18.315 15
Workers - - - - - -
Total 18.215 19 10.000 21 28.215 18

Hours of training by type

Training type  Total hours
Managerial training 3.008
Management training 9.682
Professional technical training 14.995
Regulatory training 8.826
Total 36.511


Data on Equal Opportunities are available in the Jobs section.


Heath and safety

Health and safety in the workplace is an extremely important topic at Cattolica and not just a legal requirement. These issues have an intrinsic value in the larger context of the employees’ well-being.

The Group is adopting safety standards able to minimise the risk of accidents and sickness and disseminate good practices in terms of prevention and safe management of workplaces.

In addition, the Organisation Model based on Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001 requires delivering training to all the employees and, in particular, specialised training for each role and position. More specifically, health and safety training must be suited to the specific working activities of each position.

For the sector’s regulatory training on safety, classroom training sessions dedicated to Group collaborators continued, together with an online updating campaign. Online training courses were also issued on the latest developments in relation to Legislative Decree No. 231 of June 8th 2001, on the subject of transposing the Fourth Council Directive against money laundering procedures, aimed at raising awareness of the implications that the regulations will have on organisational structures.


Injuries and absenteeism

A total of 19 accidents occurred in 2017, amounting to 824 days of absence. The accident rate is particularly low, as only 3 accidents occurred in the workplace.


Injuries and other health and safety KPIs of the Group’s employees

  Man Women Total
Injuries in the workplace 2 1 3
Injuries during the commute 12 4 16
Deaths 0 0 0
Total injuries 14 5 19
Lost days due to injuries (commuting injuries excluded) 126 24 150
Total lost days due to injuries 688 136 824
Injury rate (commuting injuries excluded) 1,36 1,19 1,30
Lost day rate (commuting injuries excluded) 0,07 0,02 0,05
Total injury rate 9,54 5,95 8,23
Total lost day rate 0,40 0,13 0,30
  Man Women Total
Injuries in the workplace 2 - 2
Injuries during the commute 7 9 16
Deaths 0 0 0
Total injuries 9 9 18
Lost days due to injuries (commuting injuries excluded) 51 - 51
Total lost days due to injuries 253 382 635
Injury rate (commuting injuries excluded)  1,46 - 0,93
Lost day rate (commuting injuries excluded 0,03 - 0,02
Total injury rate 6,55 11,47 8,34
Total lost day rate 0,19 0,39 0,27


Absentee rate of the Group’s employees

Men 2,37%
Women 3,13%
Total absentee rate 2,66%