The Human Factor

People are the key element of every transformation”: this principle characterises Cattolica’s philosophy in terms of the management and enhancement of human resources.

The Company’s ambition is to quickly become a place of work that is not only better but among the best, and it has been strengthened hand in hand with the success of the initiatives dedicated to employees.

It is the history of Cattolica itself, starting from the primacy attributed to the individual in his/her uniqueness and originality, which has favoured thinking that considers the growth of associates as an indispensable aspect.


The Training

The total number of training hours provided in 2019 were 42,001 (2018: 54,436).

Training is aimed at all company resources including the Directors of Group Companies, and remains a central theme in the organisational development strategy.

Continuous and effective training enables an organisation to be prepared and responsive to the demands of an increasingly dynamic and erratic external environment.

The newly established Academy and People Development unit works to analyse training needs and respond effectively and flexibly, in order to raise the professional quality of the workforce and identify the specificities of people, helping them to evolve in the direction of corporate growth guidelines.


Hours of training by category and gender

Number of hours Hour
s Men

Hours per capita men

Hours Women Hours per capita women  Hours Total Hours per capita total
Executives 2,317 39 157 26 2,474 38
Officials 8,479 26 2,607 27 11,086 26
Employees 13,799 21 14,642 23 28,441 22
Workers 0 0 0 0 0 0
Total 24,595 23 17,406 24 42,001 24


Number of hours Hour
s Men

Hours per capita men

Hours Women Hours per capita women  Hours Total Hours per capita total
Executives 1,704 29 141 23 1,845 29
Officials 11,324 37 3,210 38 14,534 37
Employees 20,157 31 17,802 30 37,959 30
Workers 98 12 - - 98 11
Total 33,283 33 21,152 30 54,436 32


Hours of training by type

  As at 31.12.2019
Training type Total hours
Institutional and business 6,351
Technical- professional 22,584
People 8,210
People 4,856
Total 42,001

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Data on Equal Opportunities are available in the Jobs section.


Heath and safety

To standardise the policies regarding health and safety, the management of obligations and the optimisation of resources, the companies belonging to the Cattolica Group share the structure and figures in charge of that function.

For all the companies of the Group there is a single Delegate for safety, as provided by art. 16 of Italian Legislative Decree 81/08, who is assigned all the duties of Employer, except those that cannot be delegated. 

Also for 2019, 11 companies included in the boundary have obtained the renewal of OHSAS 18001:2007 certification for the relevant Management offices. This is an Occupational Safety Management System (SGSL) that is subject to periodic verification by third-party certification bodies.


The total number of accidents for 2019 amounts to 3 (2018: 4), all at the workplace and none during travel


Accidents and health and safety indicators - Group’s employees

  2019 2018
Number of deaths due to accidents at work - -
Number of accidents at work with serious con-sequences (excluding deaths) - -
Number of recordable accidents at work 3 4
Hours worked 2,565,619 2,448,042
Multiplier 1,000,000 1,000,000
Rate of deaths due to accidents at work - -
Rate of accidents at work with serious conse-quences (excluding deaths) - -
Rate of recordable accidents at work 1.17 1.63


Download the data in pdf.