Total Tax Contribution

Cattolica Group decided to publish the information on its global tax payment: the result of this effort is the Total Tax Contribution project. This initiative, launched in 2017, follows the trend of international regulators to increase fiscal transparency of economic groups (e.g. the BEPS project implemented by OECD, non-financial reporting, etc.).

The goal is to share with stakeholders, in a transparent and immediate way, the information on taxes and contributions paid1 in Italy, in a way to strengthen the perception of the Group’s commitment in its social responsibility. The Total Tax Contribution approach allows a proper disclosure of information given by the Group to the fiscal jurisdictions of the regions where it operates, by a transparent and exhaustive communication. This model provides detailed information on income types that led to the payment of a specific tax.



Corruption-Related Risks 

With regard to potential corruption risks, the main risk factors were identified during the assessment activities, in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001.

This analysis allowed to identify suitable control and prevention mechanisms, as defined by the Organisational Model.