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Why do we need storytelling


Storytelling is a powerful tool through which you can convey a message or knowledge. People learned to speak about 100 thousand years ago, which means that for almost all this time, we have been telling each other stories (  storytelling  - lit. "storytelling"). The fundamental part of human nature, our natural need. Spiritual teachers, philosophers, poets, and writers, speakers used oratory to enhance the outcome of the words. Nowadays, the literary activity, film industry and branding are making a moral story. But above all, this is a classic method in marketing and communications.
  Why do we need storytelling   
Jeffrey Moore (approx. Auth. - Consultant in Silicon Valley, author of several best-selling books on business) derived the following formula, designed to hit the heart of the target audience directly:

1.     For (the target consumer), which (identify the need or problem), (the name of your product) is (the new product category), which (the statement of benefit is a compelling argument for purchasing the product).

2.     Dissimilar our product.

A simple application for two proposals will determine the target consumer and indicate its advantages 
Now we will study the situation from the business owner and client. The purpose of the first is to influence the target audience, ultimately convincing the consumer to purchase the offered service or product. The manufacturer's problem is that advertising without a story doesn't attract potential buyers too much. The buyer needs to see in advertising a solution to their glitches and providing needs. If the information is easily perceived and close to its realities in life, the likelihood of a purchase increases significantly.

Using a  narrative(note auth. - story, tale), in which the benefits and uniqueness of the goods are accessible more clearly, and more interestingly, the company acts in the interests of both parties.


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